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V-fiber broadband: Simply the best

V-fiber broadband: Simply the best

Airtel’s V-fiberbroadband is the best solution for both homes and offices, especially when there are multiple digital devices at work. We explore the technology and what makes it so superior.

Airtel has, quite simply, the best broadband in Delhi and the rest of the country. This is not a claim pitched by the company – it is a fact borne out by scores of satisfied customers.

But first, let’s get to grips with how a broadband connection helps your home or office:

* Awesome speeds.Fiber broadband Internet is known universally for extremely fast data transmission speeds, with uniform upload and download speeds. Whether you wish to stream a movie or work on a content-rich presentation, catch the latest episodes of your favourite show or have a series of video calls with clients, the fiber broadband Internet is the way to go. All your files are downloaded within mere seconds, and heavy software also gets downloaded and installed at rapid speeds. No more waiting for videos to buffer or files to download one after another!

* No data lag.You receive uninterrupted network at the highest possible speeds. The FTTE technology in fiber broadband Internet ensures that data is transmitted in packets at a uniform rate, whatever the span of the cable. Thus, you will not experience data stutters.

* Multitasking capability. The best broadband connections in Delhi let you connect multiple digital gadgets to the same connection – and they will all work equally well, simultaneously! This is a great feature for spaces where devices like smartphones, laptops, tabs, etc. are in use at the same time. A sub-set of this feature is that despite simultaneous usage from all these devices, there is no effect on the data speeds and network connectivity.

Now that you have briefly acquainted yourself with the benefits of getting the best broadband in Delhi, may we suggest partnering with Airtel V-fiber for your home or office? Its broadband is the best in Delhi, for the reasons enumerated below.

Why get Airtel broadband?

1 Get uninterrupted network. Airtel’s revolutionary V-fiber technology provides the best broadband in Delhi and all over the country. Various tests have proved that it shows a constant uptime 99% of the time. Thus, your connection is never disconnected and you never suffer outages even when you work at the highest speeds. This is important when you are streaming videos or video conferencing with a contact.

2 It has excellent broadband plans. Airtel’s best broadband plans for Delhi include low pricing for the highest range of benefits. Take a look at the current broadband plans for Delhi:



As you can see, the plans offer low rentals, plus unlimited calling facility. At the same time, you get super-fast speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps, apart from monthly data ranging from 150 GB to 350 GB. The higher priced plans of Rs 1,099 and Rs 1,299 also offer bonus data of 1,000 GB (each), apart from data rollover feature. Both these plans also get a free Amazon Prime subscription for a year. Wouldn’t you agree that these are the best broadband plans for Delhi?

3 You can get the connection quickly.Buying the Airtel V-fiber broadband in Delhi is one of the most hassle-free experiences you will ever have. Just place an inquiry request on the Airtel website ( and you will get a callback in under four hours. After discussing your requirement with you, the company will send over its technician to install the broadband connection at your residence or office. You can easily have the connection installed in under a week.