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Tips to Improve the Logistics of your Store

Tips to Improve the Logistics of your Store

There are many storage units Jamaica. Saving time, increasing productivity and efficiency: improving the logistics of a warehouse is nowadays a key factor for companies. The continuous growth of electronic commerce and the multiplication of the orders to be sent per day require optimal management in the supply chain and the correct choice of equipment for storage.

Follow these tips to improve the logistics of your warehouse

Choose the logistics strategy appropriate to the needs of your warehouse

A small store that sends 50 orders a day does not follow the same strategy as a warehouse that has more than 1,000 shipments per day.

Identify your needs; evaluate your warehouse and the number of orders that are made before establishing your logistics strategy.

Small logistics: for about 50 orders per day, 500 m² of the warehouse with a team of 5 people, the organization does not require a particular strategy: the picking is carried out as the order is placed and the team members can perform different functions depending on the of necessity.

Structured logistics: More than 50 orders per day, the warehouse must be more professional, the distribution of products must be rigorous, order lots must do the picking, andeach team member must be assigned a particular task.

Industrialized logistics: More than 1,000 orders per day, the warehouse must be automated to ensure that the rate increases. The logistics director must install a WMS (Warehouse Management System), which is warehouse management software to optimize order processing.

Logistics outsourcing: The last option, practical but costly, is to outsource a specialized storage logistics of third parties, capable of facing essential peaks of activity.

Improve the work environment

  • Limit unnecessary trips: Optimizes the distribution of products on the shelves to facilitate picking.
  • Limit the transport of heavy loads: Equip your warehouse with transport trolleys, folding trolleys or pallet trucks. You will avoid the risk of an accident at work, and you will take away a lot of work from your employees.
  • Investing in quality equipment is also a valuable option to improve the work environment: a high-performance WMS, barcode readers, screens, etc., will facilitate the work of team members and reduce the rate of logistical errors.
  • The machines also help: Wrapping machines, filler machines or sealers, depending on your needs, can significantly speed up the work.

Structure and order space in the warehouse

The excellent use of space is essential not to transform your warehouse into a battlefield.

To structure the space, you must:

    • Establish a numbering system for all products and create logistics routes that will quickly lead to the desired product.
    • Delimit storage and work areas: overstock areas, storage areas, picking areas, arrival and departure areas, loading and unloading areas, etc.
    • Specialize the tasks of each of the employees
    • The more professional a warehouse is, the more precise the tasks to be carried out by the teams. And if the employees have a good knowledge of their tasks, the activity of the warehouse will be much more efficient.
  • Distribute the tasks of each one from the different areas of the warehouse: picking, preparation of orders, reception, shipping, packaging, postage, etc.