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Tips to Hire Efficient Finance Professionals For Your Needs by George Ammar

Tips to Hire Efficient Finance Professionals For Your Needs by George Ammar

In any business scenario, financial positions, whether it is that of a CFO (chief financial officer) or any other financial designation, are of great value. Even though the thought of hiring or replacing a present financial position in your company is not appealing, you have to get the hiring done and that too properly keeping in mind all the benefits and odds. Leaving all other secondary factors, a business primarily runs on one major thing and that is finances or capital. So, since you are going to place your finances in the hands of these financial folks, you must be strict and very careful while hiring them. George Ammar, an experiences and highly qualified Financial Executive is of the opinion that the financial folks in a company are not just responsible to handle the finances efficiently but can also become business leaders.

Here are a few vital tips that come handy while hiring finance employees:

Define what you are searching for!

The kind of candidates that come for the interview depends a lot on the job description that you publish. Thus, it is crucial that you sort the specific needs that your company is looking for a financial position to fulfill. You can then accordingly form the job description of the financial role that you are hiring for.

Interview more that once!

Before you make the final call, do ensure that you interview the candidates through multiple rounds of interview. That may also include getting them interviewed by related existing employees i.e. the ones who would be working closely with the selected candidate onces he or she is hired.

More questions=better understanding

In an interview panel, it is advisable that you ask frequent and more questions to the appearing candidates. Why? This tactic always works, giving you a better and all-rounder understanding of the candidate. Listen and judge very closely as to how they tackle and answer the bombarding of questions. This will also provide relevant insight into their skills of handling problems and challenges. Their words will give an idea of their true knowledge and similarly give you clues of when they are blowing smoke.

Look them up on the Internet!

Online presence is of much value these days. So, according to George Ammar, you can check on the candidates LinkedIn or related professional profiles that can help you crosscheck the information they have mentioned on their resume.

A Background Check is a must!

You are after all hiring a person for one of the company’s most important financial position. So, you mustn’t hesitate to do a thorough background check on the candidate. Before you consider hiring the person, you should know him inside-out. The best way to do that is by checking his past public records. These records open a lot about the past of candidates.

Bring in a Trusted Advisor!

An outsider, who serves as a trusted advisor to your company, get them to interview the candidate. Advisors have the experience of interacting with various kinds of people especially the finance folks. Thus, their opinions count a big deal.