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The Insurance Company’s Role In Personal Injury Cases

The Insurance Company's Role In Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases usually conjure images of dramatic court scenes and big payouts. Law offices like James Hoffman attorney will tell you that the majority of lawsuits are settled out of court through lawyers and insurance companies. In fact, insurance companies are the biggest players when it comes to settling personal injury suits.

How Insurance Companies Get Involved

When you’ve been in an accident, whether it’s a traffic collision, a workplace incident or a fall on someone’s property, you’ll usually deal with an insurance company first. In fact, a representative from the other party’s insurance company will probably reach out to you before you can even pick up the phone. They’ll want to ask you details about the accident and see copies of any medical or repair bills.

It’s fine to provide copies of bills and receipts, just make sure you keep the originals. As far as providing information or details about the accident, the less you say, the better. Anything that might make you appear at fault will be used against you. The biggest mistake you can make from here is to take the first offer they make or try to negotiate a settlement yourself. It’s the claims adjuster’s job to offer you the lowest possible amount of compensation, and you may not know the full extent of your injuries or damages at this point. Signing off on a settlement now means you won’t be able to get further compensation should you need future medical care or find yourself disabled.

How to Handle a Personal Injury Case

No matter hwo saccy you are, you don’t have the objectivity to oversee your own case. Going to a practicing, reputable personal injury attorney will allow you to gain some perspective. A seasoned lawyer can help you find medical experts to properly assess your injuries, gather witness testimony and use their knowledge of the law to negotiate better terms. The can also safeguard your rights and do their best to make sure that you receive fair treatment and a more favorable outcome.

If you feel you have a case, contact a local personal injury law firm to arrange a consultation. Many won’t charge a fee until you settle, and you may get a larger, faster settlement if you work with an experienced attorney than is you try dealing with insurance companies on your own.