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Square, Landscape, or Portrait Photobook, which is best for you?

Square, Landscape, or Portrait Photobook, which is best for you

While you have been traveling or have captured a lot of pictures, you will probably be thinking of keeping all of them in an organized manner. For this, you will need a photobook, while you were taking a look at the best photobooks, you might have noticed that there is a various orientation in photo books. Although, it is quite a small thing to choose, many times people often get confused which photobook will be the best for you.

Here are some things you can check to select the best one for you.

The most Regular one

The most regular one is square one. Most of the photo book you will see will be square. This is the most common layout people have been using for many years. For regular photos and memories, you can try this layout.

The Portrait one

This is mostly used when you have a lot of photograph and want every single one of them in only one photo book. Mostly, when there are landscape photos, portrait photobook is used as many of the photos can be inserted here without having any issue.

The Landscape one

Landscape photo book looks beautiful. If you planning to go with the photobook which has captions or has some place for writing in it. Landscape photo book will be the best choice for you. Having a quote or a caption right next to your photograph or under your photograph will change the entire look and feel of your album. This will give you the more feeling of a scrap book. You can enjoy these beautiful memories in a landscape photo book.

The shape of the Photos

Above, we talked about the shape of the photo book. Along with this, there are a various different shape of the photos inside the book. Some of the photo layouts are square. While some of them are landscape or some different shape such as heart shape, or circle shape. Unless it some occasion such as a wedding or you have photos that can fix to a specific shape, you should go with the regular one. It is the most famous and the most used photo layout. If you go with a different shape, you will have to crop your photos. It does not look much good for normal photos unless it is something like a wedding or you’re the pictures of you and your partner when you went to your first date.

Up to you

Finally, it is all up to you. You can choose the one you like, and should not go directly with others opinion. Also, you can see the type of photos you have, you can take your photobook according to that. Make sure you choose some cool design along with the shape of the photobook as this is one of the most important things that matters along with the shape of the photobook. You should keep this in mind also while choosing a photobook.