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Off-Work Activities That Can Earn You Money

You Money

Many a time, we find ourselves in an unfavorable situation where our demand exceeds the resources to fulfill them. This may not be because our earnings are less, but because our earnings are not enough to meet the needs of an ever-evolving lifestyle. Sadly, income hardly ever matches pace with price rise. And, it helps little if we change our current job for a better-paying one. Even then, the spurt in income lasts only for some time, and soon we find ourselves stagnating at a certain level in our lifestyle. In such a scenario, it becomes next to imperative to have a secondary source of income that can be used to meet needs that are besides the basic necessities. Here are a few options for things that you can earn money with, off your time at work:

Play Rummy for Cash

If you have the right skills and enough time off your work, indulge in a few games of rummy online  and get a chance to win cash. Because rummy is a thorough skill-based game and legal too, it is a good investment of your mental strength and abilities. Add to that the money aspect, and you have a full-fledged paid-for task at hand. But, be sure you opt for a reliable website that is secure in payment transactions and offers a healthy variation in the games. Khelplayrummy is one such site that is absolutely secure and offers assistance in any aspect where you might face an issue. Also, it conducts many rummy tournaments that provide you with the exposure to the real game.


If you have a flair for language and a passion to write, blogging is a good idea for an off-work activity. Initially, it will take a lot of efforts to popularize your blogs, get people to read them, have them follow you, and get them to share your write-ups with their mates. However, once you’ve cracked it, there’s no looking back, provided you keep at it. Blogging also happens to be a highly gratifying activity as you are left all by yourself to ideate and write in a manner you deem fit. If you grow, third-party sites might invite you to write content for them and pay you for the service.

Affiliate Marketing

Another option for earning through your blogs is by becoming an affiliate marketer for a particular brand. As you grow as a blogger, there are good chances of your page becoming popular and online marketers approaching you for putting up ads on your blogs. On a pre-determined sum between you and the brand, you can earn a certain percentage of the revenue that the brand earns through your site.

Stocks & Shares

Equity trading is a good side option for earning additional income. If you are gifted with a good understanding of the subject and habitually keep yourself updated about the market trends, try your hand at getting into stock trading as a free-time activity. Be aware, however, of the uncertainties in the market and the risks involved. Unless you have an appetite for such risks and the understanding of how to deal with them, it is not advisable to take on this activity even on the sidelines.

Cooking or Baking

If cooking is a hobby for you and you truly excel in it, you have a good option for making additional money. Food is one of the few businesses that can transform your fortune, if it is done right. You could start at a basic level, like supplying lunch/dinner, baking cakes, making chocolates, and so on and so forth. Choose your forte and let a few close people know about what you’ve started. If possible, get them to taste your foods and let them give you their honest opinion. If it works out well, they could pass on the word to their close circle. You too could spread the word through your social media pages. And, before you know it, you will have a sizable number of people curious to know what you have on offer.