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It’s Time to Protect Your Pets from Surprises

It’s Time to Protect Your Pets from Surprises

Dogs, cats, and other animals are not as long-lived as humans but are typically considered to be every bit as much a family member as their human counterparts. That said, not all pet owners remember that their pets are just as susceptible to the many diseases and conditions out in the world as they are, meaning that your dog is just as likely to develop an URI as your cat is to grow a tumour in her mammary tissue. These health risks and conditions may develop over time or suddenly leave you with a costly trip to the veterinarian without enough warning to prepare; however, pet insurance is the way to avoid the high cost of this situation.

Reimbursement Matters

Unlike health insurance for humans that will typically cover all or some of a procedure before it is administered, pet insurance will reimburse your total by up to 80% after the procedure is completed. Some procedures do not fall under that which is covered by the insurance but this type of policy will cover most basic visits for immunisations, medications, and procedures that may occur in the lifespan of your pet. If you have a cat, for example, cat insurance will help you to afford the costly procedures associated with treating FIV without being forced to choose between that which you can afford and that which is best for your feline.

More Treatment Options

Pet insurance will allow you to easily and completely take care of your pet without the added pressure of the cost, which will become a significant fact once you find yourself choosing between a costly procedure and letting your beloved pet go. Treatment may become necessary in an instant and even seemingly simple procedures such as an X-ray will cost far more than you may predict. This type of insurance will cover enough of the cost that you may now finally focus on what is most important for your pet than what will be most important for your wallet.

Highly Affordable

The premiums for pet insurance are rather low compared to human health insurance policies and you may take a policy out on any type of pet in any type of health condition. Although it is better for your finances in the long run for you to take the policy out when the dog or cat is still young, the chance to take a policy out at any age will make it easy to insure those pets that you adopt from shelters too. By the time that you take out the policy and use it just once for a sudden procedure, such as to remove yarn from the stomach of your cat, you will make your initial costs back with interest and finally receive peace of mind.