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How To Market On Facebook

How To Market On Facebook

Social media has taken over the world. At the front row of this invasion is Facebook. It is undoubtedly the largest social media with more than 1.23 billion active users which 62% of whom log in on the site or application every single day.

Because of this large number of users, some have argued that Facebook is not a fad that will just come and go – think Friendster or MySpace. Nope, Facebook and its ingenious properties have found its way ingrained in our daily lives.

Many Possibilities With Social Media

From school announcements to work activities, Facebook has been a platform for many people to interact and go about their lives. Hence, this social media has also opened itself up to a new possibility – marketing and sales on Facebook. Facebook has added features that will benefit every entrepreneur and company across continents. With its Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Buy and Sell Groups, this social media platform definitely took online marketing and sales up the next level.

To help entrepreneurs and businesses get started with their online presence, we will talk about the basics of marketing your business on Facebook in this article. Hopefully after reading this, you will have a general idea of what Facebook marketing is all about and how you can take advantage of it. If not, you can also consider working with a company that offers social media management services for businesses.

Marketing Tools Available on Facebook


Facebook pages are akin to profiles except that it is for businesses, organizations, and public figures. A page can be “liked” and if a person likes your business’ page, then s/he can get updates on posts and any activity that your page will generate. Pages are generally more open than profiles, meaning, a person can see almost all the posts in a business’ page contrary to a person’s profile.

A page is like an instant snapshot or overview of what the business is all about. You can indicate in your page the basic information about your business like address, operating hours and contact numbers. You can also post photos of your products or services where your clients can review or comment on it.

In addition, your business can be reviewed through your page and therefore, potential customers can see and read other people’s views on your products and services. It then become a duty for businesses with pages to ensure that such pages are pristine and filled with positive reviews and feedbacks.


Groups on Facebook are like platforms where people meet and discuss. Usually a group will be under a certain category and thus, most discussions within that group are confined with topics under that category.

You can create a Facebook Group for your products or services, or even for the field or industry that your business is in. Through Groups, you can interact with other users who have similar tastes as you or are looking for a business within your field.


One of the most straightforward and innovative feature of Facebook for online marketing is the Facebook Ads. These ads are targeted in the sense that they will only be shown by Facebook to specific geographic areas, ages, education levels, and types of devices used.

How To Use The Tools

Marketing tools on Facebook are fairly easy to use plus they are free. The key to these tools is to populate your page, ad, or groups with information that your clients and potential customers will need. For instance, for Groups and Pages, you need to put the basics like your business’ logo, contact information, and basic information about your products or services.

To facilitate conversation with your visitors, you can also post useful and interesting information regarding topics related to your business. You can also have contests and promos in your page where your “likers” can participate. For Facebook Ads, you can have ads directed to your Facebook page or geared towards mobile apps or app engagement.

Ads are more targeted than groups or pages. Thus, you can ensure that the ad will only appear on your target market’s Facebook based on their location or interests. In addition, you can also use Facebook’s ad manager to target specific Facebook users.

Facebook has been innovating the online marketing world with its tools and other features. These tools are flexible and customizable. Be sure to create a Facebook page for your business now and start seeing the wonders of online marketing.