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How powerful is social media

How powerful is social media

Social media is a powerful tool that connects us with people all around the world. In a matter of seconds you can be engaging with a person or brand on the other side of the globe. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram open up a digital world allowing you to showcase everything from special moments in your life to keeping updated with everything going on in the news.

Many of us have more than one social media account, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the most common. It’s reported that Facebook has over 1 billion users, meaning that the majority of people you know will use the platform, allowing you to connect with them whenever you wish.

As social media is very popular and it’s always developing, businesses and brands have started to utilise this in order to target a more relevant audience and raise brand awareness. Not only is social media good for personal use, but it’s also an extremely good tool for businesses and for a number of reasons.

Social media for businesses

When used for business, social media can help raise brand awareness, build a relevant following and allow you to engage with customers from all around the world. If you are using social media for your business then ideally it needs to be managed by a professional or an agency like, as wrongly managing your channels can reflect negatively on your brand.

Many brands use Twitter as a way of building a relevant audience through the use of hashtags. Posting intriguing content and using relevant hashtags means that user can search for posts they’ll be interested in, meaning you can attract a relevant audience who’ll be interested in what you do. When creating a post on Twitter there is a character limit of 280 characters, meaning that you can share content that’s not too heavily worded and is easy for your audience to read.

Although social media can benefit your business in many ways, if you don’t manage your channels correctly it can reflect badly on your brand image. Millions of us use Twitter on a daily basis and your timeline can easily build up within seconds. It’s because of this that content you’re sharing can be missed by a large portion of your audience. Re-sharing older posts and regularly posting content means that you can reach as many of your audience members as possible; allowing them to keep up to date with everything your company is sharing.

Should I use social media for my business?

Social media has many more advantages than disadvantages, so as long as your channels are managed correctly then there’s no question about it. A lot of people now turn to social media to ask a brand a question or even complain so it’s important you have a dedicated member of staff to manage them and knows how to deal with any type of query.