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Help Your Salespeople Improve Sales Talks

Help Your Salespeople Improve Sales Talks

To make customer visits more efficient, accompanying your vendors in the field is the best way to analyze the points to be corrected. The opportunity to convey to them your own methods and the rules of maintenance of sale “home”.

Your salespersons multiply prospective appointments. And they spend their days with customers. Yet all this field presence leads to an insufficient number of signed contracts. The problem may be a lack of mastery of sales maintenance techniques. It is up to you to help them, by sharing with them your methods and tricks that have proved their worth. To train your sales people to sales interviews, start by setting up an individual coaching. It is the means for you to “audit” your sales force and to be aware of the attitude of each person facing a client. Very informative, this observation work will give you a precise vision of the problems to which your salespersons are In the field. If your sales force is too large, You can entrust this mission to a senior salesman or an intermediate manager who has all your confidence.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to totally ignore this accompanying field. So get out a little time to follow a few sellers yourself. For this support to be effective, it must be individualized. Examine with each salesperson his / her needs in terms of support, gaps, needs … If a junior salesperson needs to learn the maintenance techniques specific to your market, to your customers, do not Aside the seasoned salesmen. The latter also need to gather the advice of their leader on their work and are still taking a few tips to further improve if needed. In all cases, accompanying your teams on the ground will allow you to understand how they behave in front of customers. During this follow-up, your pedagogical skills will be put to a severe test. You will point the finger at the malfunctions as well as the bad attitudes of your sellers.

You will then have to detail the points to improve, without pointing them. To do this, it is necessary to analyze and debrief precisely the client appointment conducted together. Support your remarks on specific examples of bad habits taken by the commercial.

The latter, for example, starts by presenting the product as soon as it arrives at the customer’s premises? That is his appeal argument. This is probably not the best approach. Explain how the argument should follow the client’s discovery time. Also make it conceptualize the interview you attended. The danger is to adopt a professorial tone that will not facilitate the transmission of your remarks. Remember that you are not giving a lesson, but that you help a salesperson become aware of his weaknesses during the interview.

Establish a “home” sales method

To guide your teams towards the right techniques, press a “home” sales method. Thus, it is not so much your techniques as you “impose” on salespersons whom you judge the prospecting work perfectible, but recipes “labeled” by the company. Your remarks, deprived of all personal considerations, will thus pass better. The best solution is to create a booklet of about twenty pages or sheets with typical questions to ask the customer in sales maintenance. Avoid creating a large volume that no one will take the time to read. Small two-sided cards with the essentials will do the trick: two or three key questions, two or three major points on the sequence and each stage of the interview. This support must be very operational. But be careful not to impose a sales method that is personal to you. Go for a method common to the whole company with a vocabulary shared by all. You will list the questions to be asked at each stage of the interview: the introduction, the discovery, the resumption of the terms of the discovery, the treatment of the objections and the conclusion. The debriefing that follows the field accompaniment is then made with reference to this document. However, be sure to maintain flexibility. The method is a benchmark but should not become a religion. And who says method of selling house does not say standardization. Your sellers do not have to go into a mold but simply apply proven techniques that will help them better meet their customers and prospects. Do not enclose them in the method. Preserve their personality. You know their qualities and defects, their personal problems. Work with this data. Press on their strengths more than on their Achilles heel …