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Gaylord Box Exchange – The Answer To Your Boxing Needs

Gaylord Box Exchange - The Answer To Your Boxing Needs

The Gaylord Box Exchange is the best source for any kind of box that you need. Not only that, if you have boxes lying around that can still be used, don’t throw them away! Gaylord Box Exchange will buy that from you. If you are anywhere in the United States and have box issues, they are the best company to get in touch with.

            They buy and sell used boxes, and they also have a complimentary used box pickup for customers that are from the US. if you are one who needs and have boxes, you need to know more about Gaylord Box Exchange. So here is the information about the company that you need to know.

They Buy And Sell Slightly Used Gaylord Boxes

            If you have used Gaylord Boxes, you can still make money out of them. The company will purchase them from you as long as it meets the quality criteria. And if you need boxes, they sell 2 to more than 5 boxes of any shape and size. These are the boxes that you will need if you want to move to a new place, or if you need them to ship an item. This is also perfect if you need to do an inventory of your stocks or goods.

Your Boxing Needs Anywhere In The United States

            If you are located in any state in the US, the Gaylord Box Exchange will be able to help you with your boxing needs. And when it comes to prices, the company provides the most competitive offer on the market. This is because they want to maintain a good and long-lasting relationship with their customers.

The Gaylord Box Exchange Requirements

            In order for you to be able to take enjoy the services of Gaylord Box Exchange, there are certain requirements that need to be met. You need to complete the box buyer form and you request will be processed right away. And if you have any Gaylord boxes that you need to put away, the company will be able to get it for you. They purchase Gaylord boxes and you will be fairly compensated. These boxes should still be in a usable condition. You can fill up the form that is available online and you will be contacted the soonest.

The Gaylord Boxes: Rectangular vs Octagonal

Gaylord Boxes comes in rectangular and octagonal shapes. The main difference between the two is its stacking ability. Octagonal boxes have 4 added pressure points. This is where more weight can be distributed. These boxes are better when it comes to stacking compared to the rectangular shaped boxes. The rectangular boxes, on the other hand, have only 4 walls to take the weight. This may not affect the capacity but it will definitely a reason for a shorter shelf life of these boxes.

Why Choose Gaylord Boxes?

            Gaylord Boxes are known and proven to be more sturdy compared to other boxes. This is only one of the reason why choose this company. The added bonus is their fair pricing as well as their offer on picking up on the old boxes that were initially bought from Gaylord Box Exchange.