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Florent PARCEVAUX: Business Development Consulting In Store And On The Web

Improving Your Business Productivity

Web and in-store sales share many common features: you can only succeed in these 2 areas of activity if you are well equipped with methods, processes and activity monitoring. This ideal framework makes it possible to work efficiently, to advance its employees and to measure its progress.

This is exactly what Florent Parcevaux proposes to you: improve your sales methods on all channels in order to increase your turnover .

Florent Parcevaux: Advice and support for website creation

Unless exception, having a website for your business is an almost indispensable step. Once you start with this, you will have to define the purpose and purpose of your site. From a simple business card on the web to an e-commerce website … We do not all have the same needs. The only imperatives are to have a site that is clear, functional and can evolve easily over time. Then everything is possible.

The job of Florent Parcevaux is to help you better understand your needs, study the issues and define a strategy to best succeed in your online implementation.

Florent Parcevaux: development of the visibility of your web site

A website is good. Having visitors is better. So your prospective customers must find you.

The solution is simple: just make yourself known, interest your prospects and provide impeccable service. To get there, it’s a little less obvious and it takes work and resources.

Florent Parcevaux can help you to:

  • Define a content strategy to provide your customers a reason to come to your site and improve your SEO.
  • Think about your presence on social networks (which ones to choose, what interest, how to use them …)
  • Implement a webmarketing strategy (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads …)
  • Conduct an audit of your site, and propose axes of evolutions and improvements.

Florent Parcevaux: Improving the commercial performance of your ecommerce site

An online sales site has for your store many advantages:

  • Allow you to sell to people thousands of miles away.
  • Measure your performance much more easily.
  • Make a link with your physical store.
  • Allow and promote the ROPO without the user going elsewhere. (Search online, buy in store.)
  • Improve your turnover, average basket, sales index …
  • Communicate throughout the year

E-commerce-specific methods and know-how help you get the best return on investment for your store. Florent Parcevaux allows you to focus on the core of your business that is selling, taking care of the technical perimeters of your online sales site.

Florent Parcevaux: Improvement of your store’s commercial performance

Would you like to open a shop, improve your sales force or prepare highlights of your store (sales, work …)?

Florent Parcevaux gives you the benefit of its expertise to enable you to rely on external help dedicated to the success of your business.

Examples of services:

  • Planning and strategic issues of your internal organization.
  • Recruitment and monitoring of your employees’ performance.
  • Analyzes and improvements to your business statistics.

Combining 10 years of experience in retail management and its web experience, Florent Parcevaux is available to accompany you, train you and improve your commercial performance on the web and in-store.