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Critical Illness Buyers Guide

Critical Illness Buyers Guide

Should illness suddenly strike, the benefit of having critical illness cover is the financial support provided during dire times. Many do not realize the importance of a monetary backup plan when disease and dysfunction become a reality. An inability to return to work, loss of income and compromised well-being add stress to any family. A comprehensive guide to purchasing critical illness insurance, helps you make informed and affordable decisions.

What is Included in Critical Illness Cover?

Your critical illness policy will provide financial protection against:


Heart Disease


Organ Failure

Certain Cancers

Each insurer and policy may differ in terms of the nature of cover. Carefully examining each insurance package will determine the precise protection.

What Happens when You Claim?

Critical illness insurance will provide a lump sum payout upon the approval of your claim. The cash sum is often tax free and can be used for personal purposes. Additional financial support assists with day-to-day living expenses, housing costs, settling debts or supplementing treatment.

How to Find a Valuable Policy

Your critical illness buyers guide makes it easier to distinguish valuable coverage from bad policies with the following steps:

If you are not familiar with the insurance market, then purchasing critical illness protection could become overwhelming. You want to invest in cover that is sufficient, and you can rely upon when the time comes.

The first step to buying critical illness insurance is to determine what you can afford. Cheap policies are widely available, but if it does not provide sufficient cover, you will simply be throwing money away with every premium. Ensuring a protection plan fits with your lifestyle needs and budget requirements helps you better plan for the right policy selection.

A predisposition or genetic component within your family linked to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis marks the need for future financial protection. If you cannot afford the costs associated with loss of income or medical treatment, critical illness offers a suitable savings and backup plan.

Compare policies before making a final buying decision. Trusting a reputable online insurance and comparison service makes it easier to obtain quotes for critical illness protection from multiple providers.

Look out for exclusions. While heart attacks and stroke are standard in such coverage, certain types of cancers and diseases may be excluded from the policy. Learn exactly which types of ailments are insured before you buy the cover.

Learn of the nature of policies and whether you can pay a set premium. Many insurers now offer a fixed premium helping you better budget for future financial needs.

Determine whether family coverage is included. The latest policies offer protection for dependents or children. Should critical illness occur, you will have peace of mind additional financial support is available through your policy.

Shopping for Critical Illness Insurance

Purchasing critical illness cover is highly subjective. Only with research, comparisons and consulting with knowledgeable insurance services can you find the best cover. Ensure your policy provides the protection you may need in the future and always choose quality over the cheapest estimate.