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Contemporary Artists Worth Showing an Interest in

Contemporary Artists Worth Showing an Interest in

As a hedge fund manager and expert in investment, I’m always looking for new ways to invest my money and my favourite scenario is where one of the passions from my personal life can become part of a business.

As well as being a keen traveller and advocate for charity work, one of my greatest interests in life is art work, in particular contemporary art work. What started as a hobby has now turned into a business opportunity as it soon became apparent to me that the world of modern and contemporary work is expanding and becoming increasingly popular, and is now a great place to make an investment.

I’m YomiRodrig and I’m going to share with you three contemporary artists that aren’t only my favourites due to their work, but are also worth investing in if you get the chance.

Yayoi Kusama

After exploring many contemporary artists, I think Japanese artists have a really distinctive yet unique style to their work, something that is really innovative and vibrant and that is why Yayoi Kusama is my first pick for my top three contemporary artists. Born in Japan in 1929, Kusama has made a name for herself around the globe for her traditional artwork, immersive exhibitions and her role in the fashion industry.

One of Kusama’s most iconic projects is her ‘infinity mirrors’ exhibitions which take both temporary and permanent residence around the world. The concept for the creation was to take pieces such as paintings that Kusama had already completed and showcased and turn them from hanging wall art to a tactile experience that engaged all the senses.
Some of the most visited temporary exhibitions were held in Dallas and at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London, but her most infamous permanent fixtures can be found at the Mattress Factory in Pennsylvania and The Broad in Los Angeles.

Takashi Murakami

A contemporary artist that is continually putting his stamp on the modern world of fashion is Takashi Murakami; born in Japan in 1962, Murakami went on to graduate from the Tokyo University of Art before heading for the western world to lay down the foundations for his art career. Takashi intended to follow in the footsteps of previous successful contemporary artists in America, the UK and Europe and create a name for himself in the Western art world before returning to Japan to be the pioneer behind the Asian art world he felt was currently missing.

Due to the path he created for himself, Murakami’s work can be recognised around the world but maybe even closer to home in your local department store or even your own wardrobe; Takashi was approached by the design team at Louis Vuitton and by Issey Miyake herself to embark on a partnership that saw his classic paintings and drawing be used as inspiration for the designs of handbags and other fashion items.

Rudolf Stingel

Same as how the style of Japanese art is very distinctive, artist from Italy also have their own signature style, which although equally as iconic, is often softer and more subdued than the bright creations of Japan and Rudolf Stingel is a perfect example of this understated yet thought provoking style of art.

Born in Merano in Italy in 1956, Stingel moved to New York in later life which is where he is now based. Rudolf Stingel is famously known for his monochrome artworks, and although he later produced pieces incorporating colour, it isn’t his paint palette that made him famous in the world of contemporary art. Stingel is known for turning his back on traditional mediums of art and using materials that are used for other purposes to create his work. Metal sheets, cork boards and carpet have all played their part in creating the backdrop or texture for some of Stingel’s most famous pieces.

Whether you follow art for leisure or you show an interest in both successful and up and coming contemporary artists from an investment point of view, the world of contemporary art is ever changing, and new investment opportunities are forever arising, so if you’re looking to mix business with a hobby, contemporary art is the way to do so!