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Choose your own Curtain Track System

industrial curtain track systems

AmCraft Manufacturing specialises in fabrication of temporary industrial curtains and curtain walls. It has ceiling mounted curtains for Industrial Curtain Track System.

There are 8 key kinds of industrial curtain track systems:

  1. Plain Connector
  2. Threaded Rod Mount
  3. Ceiling Mount System
  4. Beam Flange Mount System
  5. Wall Mount System (flange up)
  6. Wall Mount System (flange down)
  7. Chain or Beam Mount System
  8. Floor Column Mount System

Let’s discuss these types in details here:

Plain Connectors:

Plain connectors are used traditionally where there’s a track connection, but no access exactly above the area to make use of a mount support or system. For instance, a rod connector with threads implies that the link between the curtain track systems has some structural attachment point just above it.

Threaded Rod Type Mount:

The following surface needs and requirements are accommodated by the threaded rod mount is the industrial curtain track system:

  • Lesser the track
  • Perfect to level the pitches or slopes on track run
  • Put to use while there’s no clearly accessible structures near track.

Ceiling Mounting Curtain Track and the Type Mounting:

Ceiling Mount System is put to use to mount directly to any flat or the ceiling, horizontal plane just above the curtain.

Beam Flange Mounting System:

The Beam Flange Mounting System is put to use to attach the roof tops or roof truss beams, channels and sections. You can rotate the C-clamp for proper alignment of beam flange mount curtains track system. Extra track gears or sections are needed to complete beam flange curtain track system.

Wall Type Mount System Flange Up:

Wall type mount system is such a track system, which is used for attaching any vertical surface or the wall. It may or can be put to use with other mounting systems.

Wall Type Mount System Flange Down:

Wall type mount system flange down is a system, which is used for attaching any vertical surface or the walls. It may or can be used with different variety of mounting systems available.

Chain or Beam Type Mounting System:

The Beam or chain type mounting system is an industrial curtain mounting system which attaches onto the side of flat-sided beams. This curtain wall mounting system can or may be attached to the chains hanging from the existing structure. Extra track sections and components are needed to complete the system package.

Floor Column Mount System or Free Standing Mounting Curtain walls:

This curtain track mounting system can or may be used to craft free-standing soft wall curtain inclusion. For the module curtain track, which is independent by spurred steel based column brackets tube assembly, this mounting curtain wall option needs no attachment to the existing structure. Based on the size of the industrial curtain project, the company would summate Unistrut components or sections where required to offer best or ideal support of the free standing curtain track mounting system.