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Knowing Rights Equals Freedom

criminal defense attorneys las Vegas

Are you fighting for your freedom or your loved ones’ freedom at Las Vegas? Then, there’s a lot that you should know about the justice system. Criminal defense attorneys las Vegas could help you out. There are many lawyers in Vegas that can be a huge advantage to help you out

The Pomelaw startup, a 100% digital law firm

digital law firm

Created by two entrepreneurs, Julie Le Goff and Raphael Cottin, Pomelaw is the first business law firm in France 100% online. These two lawyers decided to set up their own web-based structure following their experiences in the biggest French law firms in business law. Just in the choice of the name, we feel a

How to choose your lawyer on the internet: 3 tips for not getting yourself

How to Choose Your Lawyer on the Internet

The lawyer does not always enjoys a good reputation. If undeniably, it is known and recognized for being the defender of great causes, the protector of rights and freedoms, it is also sometimes decked out not always very flattering adjectives: arrogant lawyer, the lawyer unavailable, starved of humility. Public opinion is sometimes

Consultants: How to Choose Your Social and Tax Status?

Choose Your Social and Tax Status

Many executives in companies aspire to settle as consultants, for want of independence or ambition. Indeed, why not value your experience gained for your own account. Moving from dreams to reality assumes that we take the true measure of reality. Undoubtedly, you know how to be attentive to the various benefits