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Canceled: What Auto Insurance should I choose?

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Different reasons may lead an insurer to unilaterally decide on a contract termination, whether it is a delay in payment or a worsening of the risk. This induces a complex process for the insured who must find a new contract.

In which cases can your auto insurance cancel you?

A cancellation of insurance is not always requested at the initiative of the insured. The insurer may decide to terminate you unilaterally  for various reasons, including an increase in risk or the possible dishonest behavior of an insured person.

Often implemented on the anniversary date of a contract, this termination is justified by:

  • an excessive number of claims ,
  • A false statement ,
  • an attempt at fraud ,
  • A license withdrawal ,
  • Or failure to pay contributions .

What to do after a cancellation of his car insurance by his insurer?

If the reason for such termination seems unjustified, an insured may perfectly attempt a negotiation or take legal action. Not only do these types of procedures take time, but they also mean that they are not to be conducted throughout the entire procedure because of the compulsory nature of motor insurance. If an insured finally resolves to the decision taken by the insurer, its cancellation can make the search for a new insurer more complex . The reason for cancellation is entered in the Agira Automobile Cancellation File for two years unless your Insurer has terminated you for:

  • The period is five years;
  • No payment of premium: the information is then deleted as soon as the sums due are paid.

As you can imagine, the auto-cancellation file can be consulted by all insurers and insurance brokers. De-listing is one of the special situations, which systematically excludes the use of online brokers . More generally, many insurance companies refuse to take out people who have been canceled . A very careful study is carried out for each file in this situation. However, since auto insurance is mandatory, it is imperative to remain insured to be entitled to drive a vehicle.

How to find auto insurance after termination?

Whatever the induced risk, every driver is entitled to have a car insurance, which is mandatory. However, a termination on the initiative of the insurer may prompt its confreres to reject your request. From then on, several possibilities are available to you:

  1. Use auto insurance for terminated drivers.

    More and more car insurance companies are offering contracts for motorists who are terminated or whose penalty is too high. While they generally accept all profiles, the rates they offer are often relatively high because they are tailored to the risk you represent based on your background . It is therefore essential to carefully study the different offers and compare the prices and the guarantees available in order to benefit from the best possible protection at the best price.The use of an online comparator, such as, is in this case particularly judicious, this one allowing you to sort between many formulas in less than 5 minutes.

  2. Enter the Central Tariff Office (BCT)

    If you suffer from a  car insurance denial , contact the Central Tariff Office (BCT). Established by the State in 1958 and dependent on the Agira , the BCT aims to allow every motorist to have the minimum compulsory insurance. Since the BCT is totally independent from the insurance companies, it is not entitled to offer you one, therefore it is you who must choose from which insurer you want to be insured. Again, use a comparator to choose the company with the cheapest basic rates.

    Indeed, the BCT is based on the reference rate applied by your prospective insurer to determine the amount of your premium liability insurance .

    The BCT intervenes only under the mandatory minimum guarantee , that is to say the civil liability guarantee. Therefore, it can not force an insurer to offer you additional guarantees (such as bodily injury or property damage).

    Note that an auto insurance contract obtained by the BCT is only valid for a period of one year.