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Best 6 Practices To Improve Its B2B Prospecting

Practices To Improve Its B2B Prospecting

In B2B, prospecting is a necessary evil . To survive & expand your business, you should always seek to expand the scope of your customer base. The ungratefulness of discouraging prospecting sometimes leads some sales teams to neglect the “hunt” of new customers.Without new customers, a company dies or “vivote”. So how to make its activities of canvassing less painful? More profitable?

Discover 20 best practices to make your prospecting a success.

> Prospecting begins with targeting …

1 – Hierarchize prospects according to their potential

A good prospection begins with a relevant analysis of its market & its client portfolio. Define relevant segmentation criteria that you will see in your business.

If you have not yet defined your “core” target, scoring the different market segments ;

  • do a “test” campaign on each segment,
  • Then analyze the return on investment of each of them.
  • You will then be able to decide on which specific targets you should focus your efforts.

2 – Do not disperse; To focus its resources on prospects that

Hitting hard everywhere is a waste of time. One of the basics of marketing is segmentation and targeting. The goal is to optimize the allocation of your commercial resources. Why spend time, money & energy for prospects that are not worth it? Your time is as valuable as your prospects , and you need to focus your efforts on the right people. Identify the types of prospects that are most profitable for your company, and prioritize their sales actions .

The best prospects are those who buy:

  • Quickly
  • Often
  • Many 1

3 – Look after the quality of prospecting files

Targeting is the beginning of any good business action. Once your core target is defined, it will be necessary to provide your sales force with quality prospecting files , 5 which correspond to the typical profile of companies that you want to conquer. Thus, you are certain that your sales people are looking for 100% interesting companies.

4 – Keep an eye on CA per customer, and further refine targeting

Having framed things upstream is fine. But that’s not all. You should monitor to evaluate the performance of your plans. Regularly study the turnover achieved for each client / prospect. You will then be able to define corrective measures to continually improve the targeting of your prospecting actions.Taking “the least worst decisions” in prospecting demands to be properly equipped & know which customers are more receptive to supply . This is why CRM is the indispensable tool for commercial managers to drive their customer relations.

> Prospect request to organize …

5 – Define the prospecting objectives to the number of companies to be identified

It is the role of managers to structure prospecting activities ; salespeople need help to prospect effectively, both in terms of substance and form. Regarding the efforts to be deployed by your team, decline your plan into concrete actions, as far as you can.

Remember that the sale is mechanical and meets a logic funnel;

  • It is by approaching prospects,
  • That we talk with decision-makers,
  • Who give you appointments,
  • You can make quotes
  • Who will finally be able to transform themselves into a command.

6 – Do not forget follow-up & loyalty

Starting from the principle that conquering a new customer costs 5 to 7 times more expensive than to retain one, you must not abandon the loyalty. Without prospecting a company dies … But without loyal customers, the company is running out of steam! Think about setting goals apart , which will complement the prospecting goals you assign. Study the workload of your policy on your sales people. Then, define the ideal time distribution between prospecting and retention.