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Knowing Rights Equals Freedom

criminal defense attorneys las Vegas

Are you fighting for your freedom or your loved ones’ freedom at Las Vegas? Then, there’s a lot that you should know about the justice system. Criminal defense attorneys las Vegas could help you out. There are many lawyers in Vegas that can be a huge advantage to help you out

The Pomelaw startup, a 100% digital law firm

digital law firm

Created by two entrepreneurs, Julie Le Goff and Raphael Cottin, Pomelaw is the first business law firm in France 100% online. These two lawyers decided to set up their own web-based structure following their experiences in the biggest French law firms in business law. Just in the choice of the name, we feel a

How to choose your lawyer on the internet: 3 tips for not getting yourself

How to Choose Your Lawyer on the Internet

The lawyer does not always enjoys a good reputation. If undeniably, it is known and recognized for being the defender of great causes, the protector of rights and freedoms, it is also sometimes decked out not always very flattering adjectives: arrogant lawyer, the lawyer unavailable, starved of humility. Public opinion is sometimes

How can I improve my company’s cash flow?

improve my company's cash flow

Treasury is the most important financial indicator of a small business. Treasury helps ensure the company's long-term survival, and its state must be a daily concern for every entrepreneur. Knowing the levers for an improvement in the cash flow of the company is essential to master it well. Improve cash flow through increased

Improvement and Optimization of Cash Management in Companies

Improvement and Optimization of Cash Management in Companies

Although cash is the basis of business activity , productivity and sustainability, some entrepreneurs tend to neglect it. If this is the case, it is crucial to delegate its management to experienced professionals who will ensure the day-to-day management necessary to maintain the financial balance of the company . What are the best practices to optimize

Best 6 Practices To Improve Its B2B Prospecting

Practices To Improve Its B2B Prospecting

In B2B, prospecting is a necessary evil . To survive & expand your business, you should always seek to expand the scope of your customer base. The ungratefulness of discouraging prospecting sometimes leads some sales teams to neglect the "hunt" of new customers.Without new customers, a company dies or "vivote". So how to make

How to Apply For a Loan at the Bank?

How to Apply For a Loan at the Bank

In the process of creating your business or launching a new project, you would like to obtain a loan from your bank. Not always easy to be granted this loan ... So how to do? What to keep in mind The main activity of the bank is to finance the economy through its